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Welcome to Medical, Aesthetic & Laser Clinic. We are the safe and affordable alternative to Cosmetic Surgery. We offer a full range of aesthetic medicine services to help the natural beauty within you emerge. We provide dramatic results with little to no lifestyle interruption.

Today, the relationship between physical appearance and self-esteem is widely recognized by many medical professionals, who see a healthy attitude - not just mere vanity - in individual's desire to enhance one's physical appearance.

Our approach is conservative. We listen to the desires and preferences of our patients and, together, a realistic goal is set and a suitable treatment plan is formulated.

We are also realized many medical condition area non-curable and the treatment availaibe are only to control the disease progression and complication. In view of that we have a few effective treatment modalities which are beneficial and potentially cure the chronic condition. 

Prolotheraphy is the most effective treatment for acute/chronic arthritis, back ache, frozen shoulder, sport injury and any join pain. Diabetic detox program and ozone treatment is highly effective for unhealing diabetic ulcer, infected wound and even gangrene.

Please do not hesitate to email us at drzul@medicalaestheticklinik.com  to schedule a free consultation where we can explain our procedures and how we can help you.

Take advantage of our Education section to get very detailed information on our equipment and how it is used in our procedures.

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Medical, Aesthetic & Laser Clinic

What is Aesthetic Medicine?

Aesthetic Medicine is a new and growing field in medical care.  It deals primarily with office-based procedures to improve your appearance.  In doing so, it makes you feel better about yourself.  You can enter a room full of people with self-confidence, knowing your outward appearance is a reflection of your inner self.

Aesthetic Medicine is a heatlhcare service that offers consultations and procedures for the improvement and maintenance of skin health and general appearance.

Aesthetic Medicine as a prescribed Medical–Surgical practice that apply the necessary techniques for the restoration, prevention of aging and the promotion of the Aesthetic Beauty for the well being of the body in general.

The advent of lasers, intense pulsed light (IPL) and medications such as Botox and Restylene or aquamid fillers, has made these services possible and affordable. The aesthetic procedures add a new, complimentary level of care to the commonly-performed plastic surgeries to improve appearance. The aesthetic methods cause little or no discomfort during or following the procedures. The patient can resume usual activities on the day of the treatment.

The practice of Aesthetics also encompasses procedures for the removal of unwanted superficial veins, especially in the legs. In Centre of Aesthetic Medicine, it is required that the laser, IPL, Liposuction and injection procedures be done by a Aesthetic physician or  under the direction of a Aesthetic medical doctor.

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This information is provided for general medical education purposes only and is not meant to substitute for the independent medical judgment of a physician relative to diagnostic and treatment options of a specific patient's medical condition. In no event will The
Medical, Aesthetic & Laser Clinic be liable for any decision made or action taken in reliance upon the information provided through this web site.

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