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Most people prefer not to have large noticeable pores and desire the tone and texture that more youthful skin portrays. Pore size is genetically determined yet may become more noticeable with age as the support structure to our skin diminishes. Tone is the lucency of young healthy skin and imparts a radiant quality whereas texture generally refers to the uniformity or smoothness of skin

We can help you with…

1. Chemical Peel

TCA Peel is a clinically-proven research works gently to slough off the dead skin cells caused by aging, sun exposure and environmental pollution. TCA peel is an ideal start for oily, yet sensitive, acne prone skin, as it does a better job of penetrating deep into the pores and oil glands. You will get the benefits of a light peel, along with the extra acne fighting boost of a great anti-acne agent when undergoing a TCA peel.

TCA Peel is highly recommended for:

• Dull Skin;
• Oily Skin;
• Enlarged & Dilated Pores;
• Acne & Acne Prone Skin;
• Pigmentation;
• Acne Scars;
• Uneven Skin Tone;
• Photo-damaged Skin;
• Superficial Lines and Wrinkles;

2. Obagi Blue Peel
The Obagi Blue is a combination of trichloroacetic acid (TCA) added to a non-ionic base. The Obagi Blue Peel helps estimate peel depth, achieve consistent results and reduce post-peel complications.

Obagi Blue Peel helps to promote:

• Clearer complexion;
• Even skin tone;
• Healthy and youthful glow;
• Tighter skin with fewer lines;
The downtime period of Obagi Blue Peel depends on the strength and depth of the procedure. You may experience slight swelling. Within two to three days, your skin will begin to peel. This peeling continues over the next several days. By the seventh to tenth day, your skin should be healed. As with all TCA based skin peels, our trained doctors understand how TCA works on human skin, and perform the peel according to the medical code of ethics and accepted medical standards of care. It is also essential to obtain patient’s consent before the procedure.

3. Q-Switched Fotona’s QX MAX Laser

Q-Switched Fotona’s QX MAX Laser offers the safest, quick and non-surgical way to effectively minimize the wrinkles and spots in any skin type. Unlike ablative laser treatments, which remove the outer layers of skin, the Fotona QX MAX laser targets skin irregularities without adversely affecting the epidermal layer, offering a softer, smoother, brighter complexion with NO downtime.

Q-Switched Fotona’s QX MAX Laser recommended for:

• Hyperpigmentation;
• Post acne hyperpigmentation;
• Melasma;
• Uneven skin tones/whitening;
• Unrefined pores;
• Birthmarks;
• Collagen regeneration;
• Tattoo removal (multi-color);
• Vascular wound treatment;