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One of our great passions is to restore harmony and balance and where possible, some function, to the face of a person who has experienced both physical and emotional trauma. The scars and defects left behind after the skin has healed, serve as a constant reminder of the injury or illness.

The use of fillers come into their own in terms of excellence in this emotive area. As Practitioners, we share in the joy of the transformation. Our patients feel that they have been given their life back and the mirror can finally reflect who they are in terms of how they feel inside. Those who live with the visible effects of trauma often put limits on themselves. After the restoration treatments, we have seen the return of self confidence; new relationships formed; new social interactions and a reduction of self imposed isolation.

The self confidence gained means that these people can live life the way they really want to live it and it gives them the opportunity to be effective in their own world. It gives them the chance to face their destiny without being forced to live behind their disfigurement. Our ability as practitioners to make these changes using injectable treatments is an honour and a privilege. For the patient, it is another step towards healing and moving forward – with a smile.

The advancement in Laser treatment has make a tremendous development in the scars management particularly with Fotona’s QX MAX laser and Fractioner CO2 laser. Any scar is easily remove or erase slowly with the use of laser, the earlier the treatment is the more promising result. Caeserian section scars is very common nowdays and it is a very distressing for the young mother and now they have the real option to erase the unwanted scar without the needs for surgery revision anymore.

Some men are proud of theirs scars but definitely it is a worrying problem for a girl. Motor vehicle accident injury scar is also very common and laser treatment is the best option to erase the scar.